The hate mail has really been rolling in the last couple of months! Here's some more for your enjoyment. This stuff is mostly from Feb and March. AndI've still got a couple more big pages worth.

Some Republicans don't like, and sometimes they write in and say so. As you can see they are usually very articulate and mature. NOTE: this is just a small sampling of the mail I've received since the election--I'll post more soon. (Also check out the post-9-11 letters, the old letters from during the campaign, and post-election hate mail both foul-mouthed and not so foul mouthed.)    -Zack

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Why are you 'people' unable to decide who is the antichrist? Is it President George W. Bush or David Hasselhoff? Could it be that you 'people' cannot decide who to accuse with your slander because you eat shit for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks? You seem more unable to make up your minds than you are to apply Revlon cosmetics to your craving, buttock area. Anyone with an IQ in excess of 80 can see what you queer assholes are up to by reading the shit you write, eat and recycle on your website which includes doctored photos.
Your site, like the hate Clinton sites, are as full of bull-pucky as a site can get. You and the KKK have a lot in common in your tactics and honesty. They target blacks and you target the rest.

Richard C. Gordon
Fish Creek, Wisconsin
Thank God for 'W'. Screw you commie liberal bastards, your site, and all that you stand for and conceive.
Looks like your boy Clintoon was up to his ears in the Enron mess along with other Dems. No wonder they got so quiet on the subject all of the sudden.

Where's that smoking gun that hag-lesbo Barbara Boxer was talking about?
And the one Frits Hollings talked about?


You people can't stand having an honest person in the White House.
Bunch of Clinton dick suckers.

Haha - you lost and will lose again in 2004, 2008 and beyond.

Sept. 11th, America woke up from it's Clinton hangover and realized how much better off they are with Republicans in office.

Maybe if Clinton was more concerned with Osama Bin Ladin than Monica Lewinsky, the events that took place Sept. 11th wouldn't have happened.


FROM: Executor
SUBJECT: You sick freaks...

Attention un-American pervert:

Well, it looks like your time is devoted to ridiculing Dubya while having oral se><0r and threesomes with Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. How about you take the advice of another hater of your site and move to California. There you can secede from the USA and form the United Commies of Amerika while we laugh at you. By the way, isn't your name John Walker?


To Whom it may concern,
I do not appreciate the things that you are writing about our president.
Just because your in denyle about the democrat al gore cheating doesnt mean
you have to talk about some other guy doing that. He is a good man trying to
deal w/ extreme things and you should respect him for that becasue we need
him, not another democratic guy thats a pimp and goes and sleeps around.

Go to hell you dirty comunist pigs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To be a democrat is definitely un-American. Read as far back as to when Woodrow Wilson got the Federal Reserve passed and the Income Tax bill passed. Both are unconstitutional if you read them thoroughly.

SUBJECT: Democrat leftists are anti-American

Hmmmmmmmmm, 85% of the American peoples like and approve of GW Bush. Where does that leave you idiots? The retarded 15%!!!!!!!!!. Study politics, wise up and then get back to me, you dam traitors to your country and enemy sympathizers

I'm a die-hard Conservative. Don't send me any more of your damn propaganda. Wise up and be an American, and stop being a traitor to your country.

To Whom it May Concern:

I am very displeased with this website. But it is not the website, it is
the attitude. I see George W. Bush as a man of character and integrity,
and one who looks to God. He knows that's the only way. I don't think we
could have a better President for the state our country is in right now.

Thank you for your time

I just want to tell you guys that your site SUCKS!!!! If Gore got in, half of the counrty would be under Al-Qaudia's control. Bush is bombing them back to the Stone Age!!!
I think Zach needs to get a life. The buttons stink! As a matter of fact, anyone who attempts to excuse what Clinton did in the Lewinsky affair by accusing the Republicans of screwing the country loses my support in an instant. I think it is the Democrats who are guilty of sacrificing America's security by playing partisan politics over crucial issues pertaining to the war effort and homeland security and painting us as a country divided to our enemy.
take me off your mailing list you dumb ass democrat. when you actually know something about politics put me back on.
Sheesh...I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat...but seeing how you're raving one can only perhaps wonder that you're on crack or amphetamines.....

Things are not as bad as you might try to make them out to be....really....what's helicopters swooping small kids playing in their yards?

Relax....Go on vacation...Take a breath!

Which is worse, downgrading the military, selling high-tech electronics
to potential enemies, getting sucked off in the Oval Office... and relinquishing
control of the country to Zionists (Clinton); or, relinquishing control of the country
to the Zionists, going along with a major terrorist attack on the U.S. by elements
of the CIA, the Mossad, NORAD, and the Pentagon, then galloping off on a phoney
war to secure Caspian Basin oil and Afghanistan opium (Bush)... Hey, I don't know
which is worse. They both should be tried for treason...
P. S. Sonny boy, don't talk to me about partisan politics.
I'm going to be very civil and say that I am a Republican and I think that Bush is doing a lot better running the country than Clinton ever did. If we had Gore in office, we'd be all walking to work, no matter how far it is. Also, we'd be taxed about $15 per gallon for gas for the cars. Why? Because cars hurt the o-zone layer?!? You know what hurts the o-zone layer too? The air YOU breathe out and every human on this planet. CO2 is a gas, so, hey! Maybe if Gore was in office, he'd put a fine if anyone breathed! You don't realize that the democratic liberals are the enemy and not the Republicans. The Republicans are All-American, want to fight for what's theirs, and want to administer proper justice. Liberals just want to make life harder with all these civil rights and affirmative action (I am Asian AND a woman and I think Affirmative Action is ridiculous), and on top of that, we get terrorists who don't care about their lives hijacking planes and killing innocent AMERICANS, and all you liberals can do is laugh and say "Oh well! We deserved it!" And you all go on protesting against the war and want to stand up to save the Arabs. If you're so hellbent about protecting them, move to Afghanistan and be like John Walker! You saw how the people you liberals want to save treated HIM! All I'm saying is this site is seriously full of lies and is seriously uncalled for. What if us Conservatives made a whole webpage against your "fearless president Clinton" and list all his wrongdoings (his sex scandals, his abuse of taxpayer money and social security money to fund Hillary's breast research and books and Chelsea's schooling....oh, also he smoked marijuana, he DID inhale, he's a draft dodger who fled to Australia during the war which shows to me he could care less for America, so why was he in office in the first place?? Also, the fact that he had Bin Laden captured in Sudan, but let Bin Laden go. If he was such a good president and brought Laden to justice, I'm sure 9/11 wouldn't have happened. But because of Clinton's NUMEROUS mistakes, and HE started the recession taking out money for him and his family's well-being, all the results of his ignorant spending and injustices are showing while Bush is in office, unfortunately.) SO! If I were you, I'd change some of the material you have on here because when you come to think of it, which President was the American Traitor? Bush fought in Vietnam, Clinton fleed. Bush will bring Bin Laden to justice, Clinton let him go. Bush is using money on economic and social problems, Clinton used money to fund Hillary's breast cancer campaigns (as if america needs MORE), Chelsea's schooling, the books Hillary published, and most likely prostitutes he brought into the oval office. Did I mention Clinton lied under oath as well with the Paula Jones case and ADMITTED IT?? So, all the things you say on here about Bush, Clinton has done 200 times worse. Sorry to inform you about that. Have a nice day.
One has to wonder who your reading audience or "listeners really are. Any person elected for a mere 4 years to head up a country has barely enough time to get a team built before being confronted with major decisions. War is beyond a major decision in my opinion. But that is not my reason for writing, I am merely questioning the purpose of your attitude beyond a freedom of speech when it is aimed so directly at the basic priniciples of freedom and keeping those principles a part of the real world and not just a theory in a social studies text book.

You would not be a candidate for leading any nation and keeping a nation guarded and safe from those who desire our demise. Those groups of people who have motives to destroy our way of life here in the Americas and others overseas who love their freedom to live a peaceable life must be treated inthe same mannor they treat others. They choose to eliminate others and therefore they must also be eliminated. A very simple "live and let live" concept.

Even if you do not support our US president, and many object as is their right to, US citizens agree to uphold the Constitution and respect the laws and give allegience to our President no matter what his/her politcal party affiliation is, as the president represents all of the US to the world.

United we stand, divided we fall is our motto we hold dearly. Griping and moaning on issues is what politicians and those that can not do anything else with their lives as a contribution for the good of others do best.

We in the United Sates have a president that has declared war on terrorism. I am personally tired of living in fear of what the terrorists, who has allegience to no one and cares only for them selves, will do next to another innocent group of people.

You need to decide your own priorities and principles about where your citizenship can be found. Either you never paid attention in class in American schools. or you never went to American schools, or you have decided that the US is not a country you want to live in anymore but do not have the courage to move on and find another place, or you or like those that only destroy life for others if even in some small way and let life pass you by with your hatefullness and lack of positve contributions.

You writings do show how expressive a destructive mind can be, but I have a son that will go to war soon and he is readt, willing and able to fight those who would wish you or any others harm in any way.

You are either with us or against us, therre is no in between. terrorism is a real enemy and we will win this war in this day. And thank God that those who think at your level are not in charge of anything important.

Good Day,





if you fools wouldn't have wasted all your votes on
Nader maybe you could of got Gore in there, so quit
you bitchin and get ready to shoot arabs with bombs
strapped to them. move to the middle east and whine
you sorry maggots. have some respect for this
country, thank God there use to be good men in the
fourty's, cause you homo's would be put given the
CO gas and put in the ovens.

GWB four motre years!!!
Rumsfeld Rules!!

Why don't you move to the middle east. G.W. Bush is the greatest President of all times. Seen his approval ratings?
HA ! If Gore were running things We would probably all be dead by now. I know you are faithful to your party, but aren't you awfully embarrassed about now.
So how does it feel to be in the less than 20% category? hehehe. America, you are either with US or against US. Please perform reality check now.

God Bless you all.

Hey asshole, its liberal turds like you that are killing this country,