Some Republicans don't like, and sometimes they write in and say so. As you can see they are usually very articulate and mature. These are the foul-mouthed letters. The plain rude letters are on another page. NOTE: this is just a small sampling of the mail I've received since the election--I'll post more soon.

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i think you are just from looking at your website first faget, flamer, flamethrower, homosexual, wanker, dip shit and the list continues but how can i blame you its not your fault your from new york
Your web site sucks dick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your are a couple of left wing loser assholes .screw you and the left wing Florida supreme court who are the real clowns.I am proud to say that i cast one of the 900 votes that put Bush over the top.Yes iam a fucking Cuban too Clinton and Gore FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF ucked us with Elian and so now we FFFFFFFFFFFFFFucked him .that's only fair .I say fuck everybody who voted for Gore .this Country has had enough Gore under Clinton. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck Gore and Lieberman .Let him run for president of his own country Israel.
Fuck you and you liberal views bitch...Bring that shit to me and see where I stick it...Up you Candy Ass....ANytime you feel like you want to jump bitch.
Help me cover my bodyguard costs!

Hello, I was just writing to let you know what a crappy web-site you have. To compare the elections in America to those of old nazi germany is in the very least complete and total ignorance. If you are interested in any self education, you might consider picking up any junior high school book on civics and economics. There you will be able to discover why there is a separation of the Judicial and Legislative branches of government. Have a great day ;-)
What a bunch assholes. You Democrats just don t get it. You F_____ can t see the truth. Thank god for the fact that we have the electoral vote in this country. It will be over my dead body before you ll ever change it. I haven t met a demarcate yet that had a real IQ over 90. But you sure know how to twist, turn words, laws around to meet your needs. You re all allied with secret combination. (1) You believe in murder by means of abortion, and the new abortion pill, ether way you look at it its murder. (2) You lie for personal gain, and (3) you ve allied your selves with homosexuality when Gore told us America that he would let the homosexual s get married. I hope you all rout in hell, for what you re trying to do to this country and God s children. I rebuke you and call you to repent.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Know this that if you try any thing whit this President, God s Kingdom will rail down on you all.

I ll even bet that the ass who owns this site is a homosexual. If this country ever goes to war against your group know that we will take you down, hard and fast.

Rate in Hell

nice try ass hole but we still won the white house nad the 8 years of lies
and gay porn in the white house is over
with honor and dignity

you're a asshole!
Pussy. Won't even pay for net access. Yet, you want web sites. Pussy.