Some Republicans don't like, and sometimes they write in and say so. As you can see they are usually very articulate and mature. I've taken out the more foul-mouthed letters and put them in a separate file -- don't go there if you'll be offended by certain four letter words! NOTE: this is just a small sampling of the mail I've received since the election--I'll post more soon. (You can also see the old letters from during the campaign.)

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The LOSER LOST!!! The good guy won. About time you clows got over it. HE WON!! YOU LOST!! GET OVER IT!!!!
We hereby declare an award to you for being a maggot in the eye of the living, a poison in the wells of hope . Such a sad sick individual that vomits this network feces all because he could not blackmail the Bush administration ! May the Protocaliphora fly lay eggs in your testicles weekly. Other than that; have a nice day.
I for one don't think your little website is very funny...why don't you, and the rest of your Yankee Scumbag New Yorker Scalawags face it.....YOU LOST! Get Over it..... What a LOSER you are! Sincerely, a Texan, Southron, and INTELLIGENT person....
You may not like Bush but he is better than the devil (Al Gore) you wanted elected. Look at it this way, The Devil tried to get Gore elected but GOD got in the way. SORE LOSERMAN GET OVER IT!!
Yes, you're a total fag!
Help me cover my bodyguard costs!

I love humor. I also fondly remember that the best job I ever had was killing Communists, so it really pisses me off that somebody declared Damocraps to be a protected species. The main difference between Communists and Democrats is that some Democrats claim to believe in God. They baby murderers and murder babies. Dems are such a bunch of morons that I wonder who types on and reads the messages on computers to them. And who bought the computers for them anyway? Any male Democrat probably can't count beyond 20 after using up his fingers and toes unless he gets excited by the sight of another guy bending over.
You can say and play in photoshop all you want. But YOU STILL LOST, SUCKER!!!
Talk about a Gore, er I mean sore loser! Can you say tax cut??? I can.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my money back!!!!!! I'll take yours too, if
you don't need it. Why send it to that toilet called the Federal
Government. $6B unaccounted for in the Dept. of Ed. Just great!
If you like that "SLIMEBALLSLICK WILLIE", you should like anyone that walks and talks. You and your kind are the reason that I think freedom of anything should be carefully monitored to make sure that you are on the USA side of the fence and not a covert/overt agent for some other nation.
You suck, loser!
So if all this is true why are you liberals opposed to it?
The last eight years liberals have defended hillbilly clinton come hell or
highwater. I figured liberals would love having someone with just a
checkered past as arkansas' favorite adulterer. I voted for Bush for one
reason-a possible tax cut. That's right, do you think a larger government
can solve your problems? You are an idiot. Liberals talk about republicans
being bad for the elderly, al gore cast the deciding vote for the increase
on social security with a democratic congress. al gore wanted to increase
the age of benefits to 67. Quit fooling yourselves. Government is out of
hand. Democrats are the worst and Republicans are right behind them. When
we as a people vote for and back people who lie, cheat on their spouses,
increase taxes, don't have any kind of foreign policy or energy policy,
expect the government to solve our problems we are DONE AS A COUNTRY. The
downward spiral continues. Until we demand better we will not receive

The budget should be balanced. Public debt should be
reduced. The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered, and assistance to
foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt."
- Marcus Tullius Cicero (Remember Rome did fall)
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and
lose our freedoms,
it will be because we destroyed ourselves." * Abraham Lincoln

It appears by your website that Bill Clinton must be your kind of guy. Unfortunately, after having the likes of the Clintons in the White House for the past 8 years, it doesn't matter what Bush does, he could never disgrace the office of the President like Clinton did. The Clintons have lowered the standard beyond anyone's reach.
Your anti Bush page sucks and you be sent to cuba to see what the results of 8 more years of the Goreons would be like. Bipartisan my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice almost professionally done. Too bad you can't get your facts
straight. You completely fail to credit the political whores on the Florida
Supreme Court for kowtowing to their Democratic bosses while they illegally
restarted the very biased and wholly illegal count. Too bad you are so
stupid that you completely checked your morals at the door as you support
someone that wants to only count the counties that favor him the most yet
wants to exclude an entire class of voter because they most likely won't
vote his way. I suppose that you also adhere to their racist enslavement of
minority races by their government handouts. It is indeed unfortunate that
you are so obviously blinded by your hate that you have lost sight of
traditional American values such as fair play and equal representation under
the law. It saddens me that you just cant' see what the rest of the nation
sees, a very partisan and illegal theft of the election process by the
democrats thwarted by the courage of the US Supreme Court. Isn't it great
that in America ignorance and stupidity are not punishable except by the
scorn of people such as myself?
The Democratic party is a bunch of soreheads as they were gotten before they could get Bush. This makes up for all the dead people who voted Democratic two-three- even four times in all the other elections.
I got on this website by accident. You people represent everything that
is sick about America. However, I hope this country will be allowed a
time of healing. . . in spite of
Read the Constitution lately?

I thought not...

Try to keep in mind this is a country with a strong foundation built on
rules - it helps make more sense of the whole thing when one understands
that those rules are the key to our freedoms not the emotion-of-the-day from
We the Mob...

When can we expect a similiar site for Algore. You know, thanking the left
wing all democrapic Florida Supreme court, thanking Daley for trying to
steal the vote like his father did, thanking all the democraps who tried
their best to disenfrancise absentee, (military) votes, and the democrapic
vote counters who used magnifying glasses to try and find the tinniest
little mark, indentation, etc any where near Algores name, and thanking the
geniuses who worked so hard to try to have votes re-re-re-re-counted only in
democrapic areas?
Hey dumbass, you can make as much fun of GW Bush (I hate him as much as you
do) but, really, Gore lost, accept it already...your site is a lot of work
for shit!. Go make a site to help some homeless kids or something and leave
GW at least try to be president...the worst is to judge someone before they
are convictable, and no, bush is not convictable..not even close...not
Maybe your lazy behind will have to go out and get a job now. Maybe you can go march with comrade Jackson or even better go to New York City or Miami and find some more innocent children to send back to Comrade InFidel.
You people are pathetic morons with the intelligence of a rock. The only one that was trying to steal the election is the serial liar agora. Someone can not steal the election when they had it won every step of the way. That is like saying I had a ball in my possession and in four or five different opportunities you tried to take it from me and after each time I still had possession of the ball. Then idiots like yourself would claim that I stole the ball from you.

Your bumper sticker which says "Don't blame me...My vote didn't count" is hilarious! You people were trying to count votes that DID NOT EXIST! Hey idiot, A DIMPLED BALLOT IS NOT A VOTE! If the people on your side are so stupid that they can't put a hole through a paper ballot then maybe they shouldn't vote! I think we need to have intelligence tests before allowing people to vote. Then again, Democrats would never get elected then so I suppose that would not be 'fair'.
Bevis & Butthead and your nasty web page are a discrace to anyone with any sense of morality. The language and your use of the slang dialogue show your degenerated logic. We all agree that changes need to be made to the voting system, but this is certainly not the medium. Whether anyone likes it or not, GW is everyone's president , and this type of action will only tend to alienate. Kindness, patience, and perseverance in an atmosphere of calm dialogue will reap the outcome you desire.
Hey guys, You lost don't be such sore loosers.
I have never before witnessed such a massive disregard for the constitution of the U.S. The Electoral college is provided to prevent mob rule in the U.S. What you advocate is nothing more than Communist style revolution. U dont want a president, you want a Dictator. SO tell ya what, you and your liberal scum can go to california, secceed and have your own country. That way you people can have all the socialst agenda you can stomach and you can leave us alone!!!
Must be really tough on you to be a loser and stupid also
Sick, Sick, Sick
ESCUSE ME!... but like is't AL BORE a FORTUNATE SON? since when is it ok for him - but not for George W? Why do you guys hate him? could it be that you are the anti-christ?? All liberals hate conservatives because we still know what patriotism is. AND YOU ARE COMMIES!! You want to destroy us with your save the earth, take away everyone's guns & let the govt. rule us all!!
Thank God the supreme court finally has used it's power for some good for once!! Maybe you don't mind letting crime take over your life but alot of us DO! You're just plain ignorant to even put a site like this up!! Al Gore & Slick Willy are the real BEVIS & BUTTHEADS!! Just the fact that you even use this analogy tells me alot about you!!! Only ignorant, trashy, losers watch that garbage! You probably like Jim Carrey too? I imagine you worship that crass idiot!! You make me sick!!




Why do people with such creative talents waste them on something so
unproductive? Bush is going to be President of the United States of
America. Get over it. Get on with your life! Or do you have one?
You must be an idiot and a foreigner to have this type of site!

I am a BUSH supporter - he will clean this country up and get all those
minorities off of welfare/food stamps and whatever else they get for free!

The death penalty eliminates the lowest common denominator of society.
Moreover, it is a clear deterrent to crime. Mercy cannot, and should
not, satisfy the demands of justice. If you are God fearing, the death
penalty simply sends the guilty back to God. If you are not, these folks
represent prime candidates for natural de-selection. In either case,
society wins.
Frankly I don't know where to begin to express my disgust for what is displayed on this website. Sore-Loserman doesn't even begin to "tell it like it is". Your total disrepect for OUR President elect sickens me and would anyone else who has even half a brain. Its obvious the authors of these falsehoolds have much less than ahalf. I have to believe that even Al Gore would not support the trash you people are putting out, but then I was wrong once before.
This a great day. Its a good sign when we get idiots like you putting up
web sites like this.

It means we are winning.

Good luck with your site. But why would anyone waste so much of one's
time unless
they were just plain stupid.

Your site reflects your intelligence. I can understand that it must it difficult for you to get a job. Who would hire you?

Finally NO MORE CLINTON GORE! Honor and Integrity is RESTORED!!!!

What 12-year-old put up this site? It is too insipid for anyone even to be insulted.
The election is over and all you liberals in New York are Sore Losermans. I'm glad the election was so close because the liberals on the east coast were so close...HA!HA!HA!
Funny how your "POW's" are such cry babies when they're behind bars. Do you honestly believe that they were put behind bars for 10 or 20 years for experimenting with drugs? How many lives did they ruin? How many children were affected by their irresponsible choices? Speaking of taking responsibility for your actions. Give me a break. Drugs only lead to violent crimes. If people don't see that, then they are blind. The next time you go preaching about the legalization of drugs or whining about a doper doing time, just ask yourself, if drugs were legal, would you want your child doing them. Or would you want your daughter going out with one of those fine idividuals in prison. Thanks to the efforts of George W. and the drug war the chances of that are more slim. Because those scum bags are right where they should be. May they rot there.
Only LOSERS promote a pathetic website like yours.
are u a republican?
I feel sorry for you. You have such bitterness towards our new president. Personally, I'm thrilled he was elected! I hope that you will come to appreciate him.
I don't know who you think you are. If you weren't so damn ignorant you would further investigate Bush and his record. He gets penalized for having morals and family values. Look at Clinton? He is the biggest joke of a president we have ever had!!

I just don't understand how you can actually think that Gore has one brain cell. You make fun of Bush for feeding off of his family name, but at least we know he has a normal family who supports him. What about Clinton or Gore?

I pray every day that Bush can do something to change our country in the future. All i know is that it is going to hell quickly and people like you only prove how disfunctional and stupid some people in America have become.

I applaud Bush on everything that he believes because he stands up for what is right and just. He obeys the law and does not try to change it for his personal gain like some people. The constitution was written for a reason and Gore has made a mockery of it.

Also, I am sick of hearing how prolife is wrong and that the government has to step in to see that we are all "tolerant" of each others' beliefs. Well guess what? TOLERANCE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY BELIEVE. Get a clue!!!!

Subject: awesome page....


W rulessss

great site! it made me laugh, stupidity always makes
me laugh.

of course gore won florida! he should have..... with 2
democrats and a blind republican on the canvassing
board, and we all know about how honost democrats are.

You are a disgrace. You should lose your citizenship to this great country.
It is idiots like you that make our country a laughingstock with the rest of the civilized world! Get a life and use it.
What a sick, disgusting website.
Bush was not my first choice for a candidate, but he sure beats the hell out
of tree-hugger Al Gore. Gore wants to eliminate the internal combustion
engine and would have shut down half the industrial companies in
America...making this a third world country. Then, I guess, we could all
get by selling each other hamburgers and insurance !

After 8 years of Clinton/Gore scandals, hatred for the military and inept,
Kum Bai Yah foreign policy, it will be good to have an honest, principled
person in the Whitehouse.... even if he's not the greatest speaker in the
world or a charming rogue like Clinton.

Oh, and as far as GWB being dumb, guess who completed degrees from Harvard
and Yale. Guess who also became a qualified Air Force jet pilot ? Oh, I
guess they just let him fly a $40 million aircraft because his daddy was
rich, right ?

And guess which presidential candidate dropped out of school ?

The election is over, you whiners. If you don't like the game, pick up
your marbles and go home.

ur site sucks ass and i think u need to find something better to do than get mad at a wonderful man who will unite ass holes like you with normal people and make everyone proud to be an america
Pretty pathetic website buddy. Isn't it funny that Billy Clinton's Legacy is that he is the reason there is now a Republican Congress and President.

P.S. Name one thing that Clinton did, by himself, that helped the country. If you can I will support your website.

From: UT Student

You people are really sickos!!

From: the same UT Student (sent 5 minutes later)
Subject: You poeple are all a bunch of sickies - I have single-handed
shut down that stupid site - No one ever visits these
dumb sites! GET A LIFE~ Dubya will be a GREAT PRESIDENT!

And people like you will be able to do NOTHING about it - If you so much as
send a stupid e-mail to me, I will turn you in to your ISP server - you
cannot attack me, via private e-mail - SO PLEASE DON'T EVEN TRY. Ask Tom

You hate Dubya so much because you are all in a stage of YELLOW jealousy!
Al Gore is a geek and I am so grateful that he is not our president - It is
people like your kind who need to be shipped off to some socialist country
and then you would learn to appreciate AMERICA --A BUSH America!!

GOOOooOOOOooOOOOOOOOooooOOOOO, W!ANd all of those wonderful people with
whomk your are surrounding yourself! It is so wonderful and refreshing -
not like the crazies that have occupied the White House for the past 8 years!

There will be police - Secret Service - etc... to handle you guys on Jan.
20th - Go ahead - MAKE MY DAY!!!I attended Gov. Bush's Primary Victory
Party in Austin back in March - 3 lone anti-death penalty protestors were
exited out by Secret Service before they knew what hit them - so come on!
bring on your ignorance - you won't last a minute!!!

This web site is awesome!!!!!! Did you think this up yourself? I guess their is still a way for you hippies to waste your parents hard earned money in college. Are you maybe a little bitter that emperor Clinton "is" out (Oh yeah and his sidekick Eddie Haskel is washed up to. Hello Mrs. Cleaver I'd like to run for president and manufacture votes in the state of Florida). Maybe Clinton "is" not out. I guess that depends on what the definition of "is" is. What a joke. "A did nawt have sexual relations that woman." Take a hike boso.
Gore lost by the constitution, Why don't you try and change that to suit your agenda too. Give it up. YOU liberals lost, and you tried your BEST to cheat. 8 more years sucker!
Haha!! You waste SO MUCH of your time, and what does it amount to? NOTHING. Bush won, the conservatives control the government and it won't change for a while. You represent a typical democrat; dumb as a brick and proud of it!! But seriously, if you dont mind replying, I would like to know what you think you will gain from all the time you have wasted on your site.
I hate to see our once great nation being commendeered by the minority of whiners that are contributing nothing to the once great america. i understand the right of every man to speek freely what he thinks but there is a responsibility to be informed and somewhat intelligent under this evaporating umbrella of God ordained freedom which we have enjoyed. what i am saying is there needs to be a new appreciation for factual information rather than constructing our society on a foundation of perceptions- which you have so energetically promoted through your computer site. i wish we could just 'get real' and base our societial decisions on facts rather than fantasy. i wish you the best as you do your small part to fix things by taking apart, brick by brick, the america that has for so long stood for what is right in the world. who will you follow when the one world government tells you how to make every decision in your personal life? at present, we are all law breakers in this glutted, government monstrosity that is called 'the land of the free'. our society can not go on as 'free' because individuals wont take personal responsibility for that freedom-
Hey Zack:

I would like to take a few minutes and say I like the homepage for Only in America could you ever publish this about the
President Elect without being put into Jail for the rest of your life. I
would love to see Russian citizen publish this in their native country and
see what the KGB would do to that person. Our current generation is not old
enough to remember how the only time in our nations history that Nuclear War
was minutes from happening and our parents wouldn't have been here to birth
you or I. It was a Democratic President that got his there.
Unfortunately, I believe the Russian government took Mr. Kennedy's life!
He was a wonderful man and did good things for this country. I believe his
party left him out to dry!!! I am only expressing my opinion to you as you
had the courage to publish your email address. You are a person of
character and honor. Most people wouldn't have the guts to put a page like
this on the internet and publish their email address. My hat off to you. I
wanted to share with you my feelings on what this country was founded on.
Have you been to the Lincoln Memorial? What is written on the walls will be
fulfilled and the end of the U.S. will come. Egypt fell, it was 4000 years
strong, Rome fell, they were 2000 years strong, the U.S is only 234 years
old and we are in trouble. Please find time to publish sites that will lift
people up and not tear them down. We will need all of the help we can get.

You sick bastards.
It's amazing the kind of trash one finds on the internet. You people will rue the day you labeled yourselves liberals. I always knew liberals were not anything that I wanted to associate myself with, but through this past year I truly know 'people' are truly associated with all that is evil and it begins with killing babies, etc. etc. etc. God Almighty will have the final say. Ah well, enough of casting my pearl before swine.......
To whom ever you are...

As I attempted to contact George W. Bush through the internet, I happened
upon your It's amazing the amount of trash you have your
site littered's such as you and your cohorts will one day rue
the day you associated yourselves with the liberals. God Almighty will have
His final say...people such as yourselves are destroying all that this
REPUBLIC have been founded on. Ah well, enough of casting my pearl before

You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

Whatever it is you are so anger about, get over it and stop projecting to Bush.

If you don t like it, go to anther country.

Where is the respect and commitment to America?


Let me tell you a few things or so!!!!

1) It's about time we got a REAL MAN in the office who doesn't make The Oval
Office look like a Whore House!!! Clinton made all of America look like a
BIG JOKE to the world. Bush actually believes in GOD and stands by it!!!
People like you are what make America a sorry country!! We don't want your
vote if you won't stand behind a man who GETS THINGS DONE!!!!!

You are an idiot. Go to Europe if you want socailism so bad. My dad and grandfather died in wars fighting for freedom for people like you so enjoy it or get the fuck out.
The people who put garbage on your web site are just plain nasty and
very poor sports. Shame on you for not putting the country first and
only thinking of your whinney little selves. Please remember when you
say that half the country voted for Gore....well the other half voted
for Bush.