By popular demand, I'm posting some new hate mail. This is all Post-9/11 stuff.

Some Republicans don't like, and sometimes they write in and say so. As you can see they are usually very articulate and mature. NOTE: this is just a small sampling of the mail I've received since the election--I'll post more soon. (You can also see the old letters from during the campaign, and post-election hate mail both foul-mouthed and not so foul mouthed.)    -Zack

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Dear Pothead, In case you didn't notice, Bush has a NINETY percent approval rating. I voted for Clinton twice. I was a partisan Demoncrat...until the Elian raid. That woke me up. When are you going to wake up? Couldn't even wait until the war against AL-Quaida was over until you started your "I'm angwee at about the Election" bullshit, could you? Look, you lost. Deal with it. Re-count after re-count, Gore LOST. Overvotes couldn't be counted, it's against the law. Then you'll say, (after taking a hit off a bong) "Well like, change the law, dude!" Nope, can't change the law after the election. That's against the law too. Then you'll say, (after another hit off a bong) "Like, change that law dude!" OK, let's change the law that's been on the books since 1890 or so. Then we'll change the law about overvotes. NOW LET'S ALSO CHANGE THE LAW THAT SAYS THE OVERSEAS MILITARY BALLOTS WITHOUT A POSTMARK COULD'T BE COUNTED!!!! Then you'll say (After another hit off a bong) "Uh, no dude. Don't do that. If you do that, George Bush would have won by a landslide!" (Then you pass out amidst the potsmoke). Again, you lost. Deal with it. You're probably going broke with your anti-Bush paraphenailia. I kinda pity you...but not a whole lot. ; ) By the way, I'm using a fake email adress. Later Loser, D

Subject: ahh another whining GORON!! The entertainment value of you losers is priceless...

Thanks for posting this site you whining parasite...

I love it for the entertainment value of watching you losers and hypocrites carry on like stuck pigs...

Face it fool, you supported the wrong man and you can't take the fact that you look stupid doing it...

We laugh at you and applaud your stupidity, its better than cable television...

Russ Harris

Subject: Reality

Hi, just visited your site for the first time and I have to admit, you are
really out there. I am not so sure what skeletons you hide in your closet but
it seems to me it's about time to face reality. I know, you just want to make
money while trashing the systems that allows you that right, but the Bush
recession? That's funny stuff. Started in March, you know. I think Clinton
might have had a bit to do with that after inheriting the fastest growing
economy in decades from the First President Bush. As far as the stolen
election goes, I can't believe you are still playing that old song. You know
damn well it was not stolen, although a great attemt to do so was made by the
Goreteam and his supporters (Stufing punch cards into the nmachines 5 and 6 at
a time an hour before polls closed in minority areas -- hiring "expert"
witnesses to purjery themselves at the trial, etc.)
Look, you need to face reality. You should be thanking God that bush is our
President now, anyhow, considering the mess Gore/Clinton got us into.
Lighten up, chicho.

God Bless America!

you mean to tell me that you'd be more comfortable with al gore in office
right now?! there is one very clear fact that sums up al gore. the fact
that he could not even win his home state in the election tells me that
even his own people didn't vote for him! and, recently top gore aids and
supporters are "breathing a sigh of relief" that their man is not running
the show. also - enough about bush causing our current recession. any
intelligent person can tell you that that statement is absolutely
ridiculous. the technology boom had to end sometime, and it did. about
6-12 months before bush took office the economy began to slow down.

isn't it nice to have a president which you can actually believe in what he
is saying?!

Subject: the poor terrorist

What happened to You were talking about how terrible the president is killing those poor innocent terrorist, I mean Afghans. Now there is some crap about Enron. Let's get back to the parody about the terrible killing of terrorist that want nothing more that to kill every american.


Subject: WOW

When I typed this address in I couldn't believe it. Of course your home page had no email address that someone could reply to your opinions. Typical liberal, and ignorant. I really hope you get enough money to keep your site running, because it keeps people like me ever vigilant against the low life of the USA. May your life be filled with hate and with any luck you will get to spend a day with your heroes. That would be enough to make any person with common sense and morals puke. Lucky for you, you have neither.

May you get to spend the rest of your lives with the scum you adore. You deserve it.

Ken, Juneau, Alaska

I can't beleive you guys are still crying about last election. 90% of the rest of the country already did, I think it's time you do to.
Got a few more suggestions for you:


Clinton/Gore Liar/Liar

It was about perjury, Stupid

Liberal - easier than thinking


Thank me - my vote helped overcome voter fraud

Political Justices - all 4 of them

30 Current Wars - 28 Islamic
(that one is so you can deal a little with reality - I personally have
several Islamic friends and don't consider myself prejudiced against the

Anyway, there are many others. Feel free to steal any of my ideas. Liberals
haven't had an original idea in years. Just look at Clinton's record.
Anything good that was accomplished in his presidency was stolen from the
Republicans. Most of his time though was spent lining his pockets by
selling out our country.

As to the economy, one of the Clinton advisors is a professor at
Northwestern. His final exam question a few years ago was, What has fueled
the roaring economy of the 1990s? The answer was four parts, including the
Asian Crisis, HMOs cutting the cost of labor, oil dropping in price
$10/barrel (through new technology, it cost $10/barrel less to drill in
1998 than it did in 1990) and computers went down in price 50% a year.
Nowhere did the answer include his boss getting elected.

I once was a Liberal Democrat myself, but thought my way out of it. Spend a
little time talking to others of different opinions and thinking for
yourself - don't be so intellectually inbred.

Subject: Bill Clinton, you stop this nonsense

You just can't be such a sore looser.
I know you wanted to come back and tend to unfinished business like:

the economy
social security
foreign policy
... and more, but
you ignored it for eight years, and we just can't let you come back.
Miss you,

Your website is SUCH A JOKE! Why do you feel the need to spread such
nonsense about our President. Check the polls and listen to the people and
maybe you will realize that G. W. Bush has the same views and opinions as
about 80% to 90% of the rest of us NORMAL AMERICANS. You stand alone and you
are not worthy of the small effort I put into sending you this quick note.

I am sure your simple mind can never be educated, so I shall not waste
anymore of my time on a lost cause. Hug a tree, save an owl and have a nice

You are so stupid.

Subject: Say what?

If this crap is the best you can come up with to mock the ELECTED President then I suggest you get a life and don't give up your day job.
Bunch of losers.


hello Mr president how are you?

[editor's note: I know this one is not hate mail, but it's amazing how many of these I get.]

Subject: your idiots

What an un-American site.
God be with you morons

Can it Sparky and quit whining. Clinton is why we're here now, morons.
You are so misinformed, it is rediculous.
Not to mention how wrong you are about most of the things u say on this site. Nice twisting of statistics to fit your view, by the way. Please quit misinforming people. The main reason people say stupid things is because they hear it from stupid people first.
Hi. I don't believe that Bush is waging a War Against Democrats, although
now that you bring it up, I do think that it actually might be a really good
idea. It is a very good point. I mean, why go looking overseas for an Axis
of Evil when we have such great examples of it right here? War Against
Democrats - what a great idea. Let me know where I can sign up!

"if you want me | you can find me | left of center, off of the strip |
in the outskirts | and in the fringes | in the corner, out of the grip"
- Suzanne Vega, "Left of Center"

Subject: Just because you are gay doesn't mean publishing this stupid web site is your civil right
Just because you figured out how to install your AOL 7.0 disc doesn't mean
people want to hear from you. Cease and disist.

[editor's note: This email contains one false insinuation that must be answered: I do not use AOL!]

Alright Mr. Know it all smart ass...

If you bleeding heart bullshit liberals would have dealt with bin Laden
when you had the intelligence none of us including Bush would be dealing
with the issues today. Slick Willie was too busy cleaning stains off his
pants and covering lies to know the clear and present danger to America...
And I would love to hear any of you jerkoffs try to explain this one away...

Read and weap:
Circa 1987
Remember this? IT WAS 1987!

At a lecture the other day they played an old video of Lt. Col. Oliver North
testifying at the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan administration.
There was Ollie in front of God and country getting the third degree. But
what he said was stunning!!
He was being drilled by some senator; "Did you not recently spend close to
$60,000 for a home security system?"
Ollie replied, "Yes I did sir."
The senator continued, trying to get a laugh out of the audience, "Isn't
this just a little excessive?"
"No sir," continued Ollie.
"No? And why not?" the senator asked.
"Because the lives of my family and I were threatened sir."
"Threatened? By whom?" the senator questioned.
"By a terrorist, sir." Ollie answered.
"Terrorist? What terrorist could possibly scare you that much?"
"His name is Osama bin Laden sir." Ollie replied.
At this point the senator tried to repeat the name, but couldn't pronounce
it, which most people back then probably couldn't. A couple of people
laughed at the attempt. Then the senator continued. "Why are you so afraid
of this man?" the senator asked.
"Because sir, he is the most evil person alive that I know of," Ollie
"And what do you recommend we do about him?" asked the senator.
"Well sir, if it were up to me, I would recommend that an assassin team be
formed to eliminate him and his men from the face of the earth."
The senator disagreed with this approach and that was all that was shown of
the clip.
If anyone is interested, the Senator turned out to be none other than Al

It's all true. Your article sucks - loudly!!!!!
Get out of my country you piece of shit.....there is a war going on, and if you aren't with us, you are against us.....just for spreading this crap you should deported and considered an ex-patriot.....i hope you didn't loose anyone during the events on sept. 11 or during the war that is still going on because i know what it feels like and it sucks.....i however do hope that you burn in hell along side the terrible men responsible for these acts
Love your sense of humor,,,,however, the only person I found (and I queried
300 million people over the weekend) who enjoyed your web-site and comments
were Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein. So, I have forwarded this on to the
FBI, and CIA (not to mention all of the special forces and troops in the
field). They all now have your web-site and have informed me that you are on
their list.

Isn't it great being and American!!!!

i am proud that bush is president, as i am a republican and a christian american
Remove me from your hateful mailing list.

I guess if I ever personally really DID sign up, it was because you might have some credible information, or a credible alternative viewpoint on things… but your ridiculous “translation” tells me you are nothing more than a sniveling whining little child who will say/do anything to continue your campaign of hatred for George W. Bush…

Your bumper stickers are more of the same. Hateful statements from a small minded child

Sorry… I don’t listen to little children whining about what they clearly don’t understand… I prefer to get alternative viewpoints from intelligent grown ups. It’s a pity I wasted my time looking at your site in the first place (if I actually did).

Maybe one day you’ll grow up.

Boo Hoo! whaaaaaaa!
The real threat posed by these and some other nations is the harboring, either as policy or indifference, of radical groups which may ultimately resort to weapons of mass destruction if left un-checked. To ignore this as a real threat is foolish and unwise on your part.
You are sick! Get a life.
Jam it up your ass
While I certainly do not agree with everything W has said or done on many issues, including his "axis of evil" comment, it is so refreshing to have an individual and administration with integrity and competence in the White House, such a change from the squalid and pitiful bunch of white trash that occupied the place from 93 to 2001.

Each and every day I thank God that Clinton and his buffoons or worse, that most pompous and worthless of arseholes, Al Gore were not in the White House on Sept. 11. If ever there were people not equiped to deal with issues that require tough decisons and honesty and integrity, it is Bill and Al.

Bullshit is still Bullshit, even in HTML. Dream on, losers.
You stupid degenerate liberal.
man, you are clueless, try getting out of your house and visiting those places below, the countries you are referring to . ignorance will not solve your problems and communism is not the answer are just as crazy as right wing militia anti-federalists. I guess it is nice to know that just as there are rabid fools who will go to their graves hating eveything Bill Clinton ever did because he is a democrat, there are folks who will howl like curls over everything Mr. Bush says....because he is a republican.
Kinda keeps the universe on its axis....kooks at both ends.....
To whom it ay concern:

I would be interested to learn a little about yourself, the person or persons that publish this page. If only because, after 8 years of Clinton/Gore, and all the problems we face, how do you rationally think that any of your anti-bush arguments hold any weight? Even though i did not vote for Bush, I would gladly take 8, 20 or 200 years of a presidency that DOES something rather than 8, 20, or 200 years of any democrat that is only talking out of his a double s.
Maybe you are like most other democrats who ignore the the FACT that NAFTA was signed and ratified by Democrats, but now Bush is pro-immigrant labor, and now that is wrong. Or Clinton did NOTHING for the steel industry, but Bush has, and that is wrong.
or Clinton promised to cut taxes but raised them, Bush promised $1 trillion, proposed 1.6, got 1.3 and that is wrong.
or how about how enron rented the lincoln bedroom, but Bush can't even associate with them.
or how about gas prices before and after the Bush inauguration?
I would really like to inquire of your age. are you(collectively?) sleeping anytime a democrat holds office, then wakes up when a republican wins an election?
Impeach Bush, that is great. We just left the MOST corrupt administration in this nations history, and now impeachable offenses are abound?
How is it explained that the economy has been slumping for years, but when, as president-elect, Bush mentions the sluggishness, democrats said he was alarmist.
Now that we are in the Clinton-recession, they have some sort of ligitamicy in economic matters?
And who got a masters in Business administration anyways?
Tell me about your knowledge of Keynesian economics, and the role it played in democratic circles, and then explain how you are now concerned about the bankruptcy president.
So, if I understand it right, the $1 trillion that Gore promised to spend, would not have erased the deficit, but the $1.3 trillion tax cut, whom they all say is back-loaded, is uniquely deficit reducing. Couldn't of been a bad economy right?
Speaking of bad economy, most presidents leave this nation in a shape which they consider better than what they inherited:
Clinton inherits a growing economy, leaves us with a contracting economy.
(look up the facts)
Reagon gets credit for the fall of communism and the Berlin wall(1989), even though he wasn't in office at the actually dated events. Does Clinton get credit for the fall of the WTC?
Carter signs away the Panama canal. Does Clinton get credit for the handful of nations that acquired nuclear capabilities during his term?
Nixon opens up China, Clinton sells china missle secrets. But GW has does something impeachable? what was that again?
Johnson/Nixon push the Great Society, now we need more spending to eliminate the poor? But we should not have education reform right?
Kennedy gets credit for the space program, even though he died years before the moon landing. Clinton declared war on terrorist back in 93, but did nothing. Oh, i wonder if that day "he" missed bin laden by an hour is the same day that Fidel Castro waited an hour for his appointment while monica and Bill did their thing. That was during normal business hours right, so that was my money paying his salary, which was to reimburse him for working for me, in which he was getting a blow-job at the time.
But he was a democrat so that is alright.
Eisenhower created the interstate highway system. Clinton pushed Yassir Arafat, but not his war on terrorism, and certainly not a defense budget that would keep our enlisted off welfare.
FDR, lets remember the bankruptcy president and Keynesian economics idea, created social security and the new deal. Democrats today, after 60 to 70 years of deficit spending now proclaim to be protectors of the budget surplus.
I guess if you have no grasp on history its easy to be a democrat, but for the rest of us, well take George and GW, and Jeb if he wants it, and any other Bush that comes down the pike, as opposed to any headline-grabbing, china-sell-out, immigrant-quota-raising, tax-raising, status-quo-supporting, soft-on-terrorist, democrat that thinks he can scare us into believing that a republican is for the rich and democrats are for the poor.


Last time I checked, defense was alloted for in the Constitution (unlike heating for the poor or public housing). This site is a total joke. No politician is perfect, but imagine Gore in the White House on 9/11. That's a scarey thought. A fake war? I guess those were fake deaths in New York. Those were fake buildings that they were pulling bodies of Americans out of. The last country that pulled a stunt like that received 2 of America's best built devices dropped from the Enola Gay.

Those who are young and conservative are heartless. Those who mature and are liberal are stupid.

It didn't work in Russia. It didn't work in France. It hasn't worked in Brittian.

Name one country more powerful than the USA. Why is the US the most powerful nation in the world, when it's one of the youngest? The Fathers of our counrty were very smart and learned. Their ideas work. Liberalism/Socialism doesn't work. But, sites like this just bring us closer and closer. Some day, my young friend, the light will come on for you. I just pray that that day isn't too far away to do any good.

Subject: website...

You people are worthless scumbags who should die. Bush is the best president this country has seen in 50 years. Your man Gore is thanking God he was not elected because he would not have been able to handle this war. Gore, along with you, is a worthless piece of garbage. FACE IT--GORE LOSSSTTTTT!!!!!! And if you don't like it, move to Canada. You hippie scumbags are anti-American losers. Get a life. BUSH IN 2004!!!!!!

Subject: You DemoncRats must really be worried about November

FUCK YOU JERK OFFS! Go suck on Tom Dascholes ass! Klintoon was a disgrace and so are you, Hitlery is too!

Just FYI guys, when I'm asked why I think Democrats
suck I have several automatic responses:
1) They think Bill Klintoon walks on water. That
would be the guy getting blow jobs in the Oral office.
That would be the guy that gave our military
technology to the Chicoms. That would be the clown
that put on the presidential act for 8 years.
2) Then you have the Al Gore-bot. "No controlling
legal authority" himself. I invented the Internet,
then put it in a lock box.
3) These clowns are backed by the likes of Jesse "Pimp
Daddy" Jackson. What a money sucking slut he is.
Grey "OUT" Davis - only one comment for him, "Ha Ha,
he he - what a fine crook Cali has!"
4) Hey, with the fine calibre of folks like these, ya
just can't go wrong can ya? They will give you
anything you want - as long as they get a piece of the
action. Hint - Enron.

And you think GWB sucks? Wow, get back to the doc -
pronto like - and get your medication changed. ain't a "democracy".