Past editions in reverse chronological order:

Beavis and Butthead/Bush and Dick
--graphic from
It's official!

--Supreme clowns & the rent-a-mob
Hiel Ya It Can Happen Here!
--Did you know that Hitler came to power partly by using voter fraud?
17.5% of the American People Voted for Bush
--and now he's your prezident
Three for the Road
-- Triple Shot of that Juice
Slim Cheney
-- Will the Real Slim Cheney Please Stand Up
Changing the &#$#ing Tone
--Chickens and Rats
George II

-- Restoring the Throne to its Rightful Heir
Jethro's Drivin' Now

-- Turnin' the Spigot Back On.
Fear and Loathing in East Texas

-- W's Lost Years
Gamblin' Man
-- Bush's new Social Security Plan
Bush/Jesus 2000

--See Bush's New Running Mate
FEC won't waste its time helping Bush
--Press Release
Bush/Elian 2000

-- See Bush's first Running Mate
American Pimp President
-- OK, this one won't make sense unless you've seen American Pimp, the new movie by the Hughes Brothers. I got invited to speak at South By Southwest, the film and media festival in Austin, and while there I caught the opening of the film.
Don't Panic!

-- posted when Bush was losing to McCain
Bush: President of Death
-- "Don't forget your tracking code."


The original parody: while Bush trying to shut down this parody unfolded on the site. It began with Bush's proposal, called Amnesty 2000, in which he promised to pardon all criminals who had "grown up," as he had. Then Bush went further to raise the age at which criminals are tried as juveniles to 40, the age at which he said he became a "mature person." Eventually Bush, a man of integrity in the world of, turned himself in for his own past drug crimes. Here's how it unfolded:

May: Bush announces a bold policy initiative: Amnesty 2000.

June 7: "Life begins at 40!" Gov. Bush will raise the age at which juveniles can be tried as adults to 40.

June 20: Bush turns himself in for past drug crimes in attempt to "usher in the responsibility era." Candidate will campaign from federal prison cell.

July: As Gov. Bush sits in jail, awaiting trial for past drug crimes, he is flooded with letters of solidarity from other prisoners of the drug war.

August: "George, why are you IN THERE?" "Ralph, why are YOU out THERE?" Bush delivers a moral lecture to friend Ralph Reed through the bars of his federal prison cell.

Sept 28: Jailed Bush endorses John McCain for president. "He's experienced, he's the better man in every way, and our platforms are virtually identical."