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Making decisions is hard!

Remember back during the campaign when I kept saying, "Don't worry, it's ok that I'm an idiot because I've got all the smartest people working for me!"

And some wise-ass reporter said, "But what will you do when they disagree?"

Well, by God that's what's happening now! On one side of me I have Colin Powell, who says we've got to be cool and strategic and moderate. On the other side of me I have Paul Wolfowitz who just keeps yelling "Nuke'em!" in every staff meeting.

I have a confession to make: For a while I was flipping coins. Then I started changing sides from week to week. (You may have noticed.)

But now I have a new system. It's sort of a game. I call it "Yellow Light, Green Light!" I've decided to keep the hawks on a long leash--my gut instincts tell me I should just let them go and do whatever they want. But everyone likes Colin, so I'll yell "YELLOW LIGHT!" every now and then to slow them down a bit.

I hope people like Ariel Sharon are happy with this new arrangement. I know he's a little frustrated right now, since I told him to pull back out of a few West Bank towns. But don't worry "Warrior" (that's my little nickname for him): You'll be able to go nuts again when I yell "GREEN LIGHT!" Pay attention!

You know, Paul's got about 9 degrees and has had a long diplomatic career serving all over the world. And Colin also has a few degrees up his sleeve, and served all over the world as a top general and has fought in and commanded several wars. The thing that freaks me out is this: if these two guys are so experienced and smart, then why do they disagree? And how am I supposed to figure out which one of them is right and which one is wrong? It's hard being president!


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