It is the dawn of a new era...

The Republicans taught us how to hate a president. They taught us the politics of division and deception.

Now it's pay back time. It's the responsibility of anyone who opposes the Brown Shirt politics of personal attack and deception to now settle the score.

May the Special Prosecutor be chosen!
May the road to impeachment start here!
May every secret, every lie, every past indiscretion now come under a spotlight

Republican hate mongers: it's going to be a fun four years for the rest of us! Thanks to the Democrats' incompetence (on all fronts) there's no one left for you to hate. First Rush Limbaugh will lose his entire audience. Then Delay and his pack of attack dogs in Congress will lose their reason for being and will be replaced by--or will turn in to--"compassionate conservatives" indistinguishable from Democrats.

When the markets crash, and the economy goes down the tubes, and yet another Bush breaks a tax promise, we will be laughing hysterically. In 2004 just enough of you will have lost faith your cause (what is you cause again?) to elect Al Gore. And then you can go back to where you like it most: sitting on the cynical sidelines, complaining bitterly about nothing.

FloriDubya image: "Hail yeah it can happen here"
2000, Egalitarian Artists Group, NYC

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