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The shirts are $15 each, and that includes shipping. Bulk discounts are availble--email for details. Please allow a few weeks for shipping and handling.

And Now: Bumper Stickers!   $4 each...

#1: "There Ought to be Limits to Freedom!" --George W Bush, 5-21-1999

#2: "GWBUSH.COM for President!"

#3: "George W. Bush: Not a coke-head anymore"

#4: "George W. Bush: Born with a silver spoon up his nose."

Just imagine...
Soon,a nation of informed citizens,
All tired of the hypocrisy,

Order by credit card or make checks out to "GWBUSH.COM" and send them to:

PO Box 398015
Cambridge, MA 02139

The T-shirt idea was turned in by Tony Gramsci of Turin, Iowa. Congratulations Tony, as promised you get 10 free T-shirts!