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The White House Dept. of
Press Appreciation

Director, Karen Hughes

Every now and then the White House press corps goes above and beyond the call of duty to refrain from reporting a story that would have been devastating to the President's image. We've created the Dept. of Press Appreciation to thank journalists on those occasions.
Our first Appreciation:

-- May 28 2002 --
This story was covered by the prestigious German magazine Der Spiegel, but not in the American Press.
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   A little while ago Bush met with Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Not far into their first conversation ever, Bush asked the 71 year old statesman:
"Do you have blacks too?"
   Condoleezza Rice jumped in to save President Cardoso from the embarrassment of having to answer such a stupid question, informing President Bush that Brazil was home to more blacks than any country in the world outside Africa.
   Though the White House press corps observed the exchange, they exhibited exemplary self-censorship by completely ignoring the incident. The story has only appeared in the prestigious German news magazine Der Spiegel, but not in any U.S. publications.
   If this story had appeared in the U.S. press it would have exposed the President's 2nd grade level of general knowledge of the world. For this we want to say, "Thank you American journalists!"
Press treats earned for this story:
Note: this will be a regular feature on If you notice a story that should be honored by the Dept. of Press Appreciation, please email us links to
Each time the White House press corps earns 100 treats, Karen flies back to DC to take them all out to Sushi-Ko.
Total press treats earned to date:

PS: read this Finacial Times article if you want to hear about other Bush gaffes that were not reported by the American press.

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Thank you, American journalists, for not reporting another embarassing gaffe!
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