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My tax cut plan will give most a substantial savings...
And some will get a little more...

The most important thing to keep in mind however, is that this tax cut, my economic plan, is driven by IDEOLOGY. That is to say, there's a method behind my madness.

At a time when demand for goods and services is dropping, and businesses are therefore cutting investment and laying off hundreds of thousands of workers, it seems crazy to give the rich a huge tax cut.

Sure, if the economy was booming, they'd invest some of it in new ventures. But in the current climate, with stocks crashing, it seems clear that they will just bank it.

Sometimes ideology calls for a leap of faith. If you only stick to your ideology when it's easy, then what kind of person are you? Neoclassical economics have served us well through the boom of the last eight years. Have faith in the INVISIBLE HAND--and everything will be fine.

Let us reflect on some other leaders whose ideology drove their economic policy:

In the 50's Mao launched a new economic plan called "The Great Leap Forward." It was 100% guided by ideology and 0% based on economic common sense, just like my tax cut. The plan called for industrial production to be distributed to every village, every family even--the Maoist ideology called for the people to be in direct control of the economy at a local level. Peasants struggled to build even iron foundries in their back years. The plan was a disaster and led to millions of deaths by famines and floods which might have been prevented under a saner economic plan.

In the 30's, Stalin "collectivized" most of the agricultural land in Russia. This made sense under his ideology of 100% state control and central planning. Unfortunately, in practice things didn't go as well as expected. Millions died of famine through several years of crop failure.


Despite huge set backs, these leaders stuck to their ideologies at all costs. In the Bush II administration, OUR guiding economic ideology is FREE MARKETS. TAXES are antithetical to free markets and therefore should be reduced as much as possible. Our ideology says that we must give as much money back to individuals as possible, AND that it doesn't matter if we give most of it back to the richest 2%.

So that's what we're gonna do -- enjoy the ride! And remember, it's all about IDEOLOGY!

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