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An energy policy for the the 21st Century:
More Nuclear Power,
Fewer E-mails!

Who says you have to be a Rhodes scholar to formulate good policy? I got a C+ in science, and I've thought up a new way for America to conserve electricity: SEND FEWER E-MAILS.

I've therefore ordered all federal agencies to send fewer e-mails as an example for the rest of the country. (note: this is not a joke!) Those e-mails, you know, travel through wires like water through pipes. There are only so many electrons to go around! Now uncle Dick will explain the other leg of our new energy policy...
Hi there! The Big Guy here...Dick Cheney. Yesterday I said that the U.S. needs to build about two new power plants every week for the next 20 years to meet our energy needs for the 21st Century. I also said that it's time to start building Nuclear power plants again.

The last time America faced an energy crisis, President Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the White House roof. In that spirit, we've begun work on first new Nuclear power plant since 1976--in the White House rose garden.

Building thousands of new power plants will obviously require every American community to host a few. This is a small price to pay for preserving our American right to have an air conditioner in every window, and a light left on in every room.

No doubt, environmentalists will raise their tired, old objections, and whine that we should be investing in alternative energy sources. But as everybody knows, alternative energy sources are for pansies.

On a totally unrelated note:
The Bush White House would like to extend a warning to our friends the Log Cabin Republicans that they should not mess with that "Garbage Man" Zack Exley who runs a repugnant Web parody site. We understand they are considering suing him in some domain name conflict. We'd like to warn them that this is a very bad idea! We had a run-in with this guy during the campaign and were so humiliated that Karl Rove was walking around punching walls for two weeks. Our advice to you guys is: just drop it!

Just some friendly advice!


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The New Pit-Bull Progressive media: Finally! Progressives not afraid to get their hands dirty!
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The New Pit-Bull Progressive Media:
Finally! Progressives not
afraid to get their hands dirty!
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